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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Let’s go on an adventure together!

Are you planning a fun family adventure soon and want to record it in photos?  Do you have a plan or just maybe a dream to take your tribe strawberry picking, on a boat trip on the lake, to Europa Park or maybe just to Geneva for the day? Are you tired of always *taking* […]

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Les Gorges de la Jogne – The Gorges of the Jogne

Each Sunday we go on an adventure as a family – usually somewhere in nature.  In the winter you can find us sledding or skiing and in summer we typically spend Sundays swimming at the lake.  But in spring and fall we like to explore and Switzerland does not disappoint in the abundance of opportunities […]

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Project 365 Week 14

I realized today that like anything arduous and (let’s be honest) at times really boring, a project that requires someone to do the same thing every day for a year is not only about doing that thing.  Whether you are making a sacred pilgrimage, parenting a child, eating healthier, or writing a novel, at some […]

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Project 365 Week 13

I really love shooting at the end of the day, at a time referred to by photographers as the “golden hour” where the sun is low or has just set and the light is soft and golden. However….I very rarely get to shoot at this time of day because I am a mom and I […]

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