For those of you who have followed this project for the past year – first of all, thank you!  I honestly can’t believe that I completed a daily photo project and honestly, now that it’s over, I do miss it a bit.  Looking back over all 51 weeks (remember how I somehow lost week 25?) I feel a bit overwhelmed emotionally.  I love seeing my world, my photo experiments and my family’s year all put together in a book, but I’m actually not sure if I grew as an artist.  I do see that I started out rather tentatively and grew bolder and more confident as the year progressed, which really pleases me and is quite enough.  As I begin new photo projects and a master class on portraiture for 2018, I also wonder what will come of my photography.  Efforts I made in 2017 to launch both a family adventure photo business and a photo editing business have been frustratingly fruitless, but I know enough by now to know when to yield to what life has in store for me, which I look forward to with great anticipation! In my mind’s eye I am happily sharing my images with those who want to see them, helping people decorate their homes and offices with my artwork, traveling and working with families and supporting other photographers with their client work. My process has never been what I would call fast, so I hope to gain some clarity this year as to my professional pursuits. Cheers to 2018 and happy new year to you! xxoo Kate.

Vaud photographerKate Cuénoud is a photographer living in the Lac Leman/Lake Geneva area of Switzerland.

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