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Kate Cuénoud

The pictures I treasure of friends from school, my cabin mates at summer camp and my own family at home and on our travels ground me in time and space and serve as touchstones for my memories.  They give me a sense of what is true about myself and my life.

My approach to photography is based on my drive to bring out what is real in people and how they experience the world.  To show their connection to each other and to the environment.  I do this by creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxed fun customized to your personality and energy.  I strive to capture real life moments that can become an archive of the here and now.   In what’s potent and personal, ridiculous and irreverent, blissful and beautiful.  In what’s true.  True to you.

I am a Switzerland-based American photographer capturing family adventures in Europe.  Please contact me at kate@katecphotography.com. I look forward to connecting with you.

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