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I am a curious person by nature.  Especially about people – what motivates them, how they change and evolve and the stories they tell.  This is probably what motivated me to pursue a bachelors degree in Psychology and later a masters degree in Social Work.  Over time I have found several tools that have helped me follow my natural curiosity into knowing more about myself and my own motivations and strengths.  Along the way I have found the Myers-Briggs inventory (I like this version) and the Enneagram to be particularly helpful, as well as the Strengths Finder.

Strengths Finder is based on the philosophy that the work of evolving as a person should be focused on finding one’s strengths and maximizing them versus overcoming weaknesses.  This in itself is revolutionary if you think about it in contrast to the western ideal of overcoming the odds to success, the heroic underdog and other similar themes.  The Strengths Finder inventory is based on a series of questions that results in the identification of your top five strengths out of a possible 34.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that one of my top five strengths is that of Context, which means I value history.  Specifically, “people who are especially talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.” And of course, this is why I am drawn to and value photography so much. As a child I remember pouring over old family photos and sharing stories with my siblings and parents.  I have continued this tradition with my own kids by taking lots and lots of photos (of course) but also printing them, hanging them on our walls, framing them for my kids’ personal spaces and making many, many photo albums and scrapbooks.  This is something I bring to my client work as well.  I can relate to you wanting to preserve your memories in photos.  I also value the record of my family history in time.  I hear you that you want, maybe even NEED to remember what your life was like when you look back at this moment 20 years in the future.  So, whether it’s the everyday episodes of home life, an adventure further afield in Switzerland or nearby France or a longer adventure abroad, let me help you remember this time.  Let me be your family historian.  Contact me soon to schedule your family session – xxoo Kate.

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