Hi all!  It’s February 1st (finally) and while I realize that we are still in the depths of winter, there is promise in the air.  Can you feel it?  Already I see the tiniest buds on trees and a green haze over the forest.  Even while the air is heavy with fog and gloom, there is the lightest hint of (dare I say it?) springtime.  The sap is starting to run, I like to say.  I can feel it in myself as well and see it in my kids.  They are restless and itching to be outside playing and having adventures.  I am starting to make plans for going on some exciting long distance trips as well as special outings close to home.  With tens of thousands of years of history to learn about, pristine forests, lakes and rivers to explore and ancient AND new towns to visit, the choices are endless.  Of course, my enthusiasm is hampered by the challenges of time and budget, but I am ambitious in my desire to see new places, experiences new tastes and cultures and practice my French!

I’ve started three new personal photography projects this year that include a self-portrait project, a Project 52 which is a weekly project focused on taking family photos, and a masterclass with Annie Leibovitz. I am enjoying these challenges, but spending too much time at the computer and confronting sore hands, wrists and elbows.  I am determined to improve my desktop and photo mechanics so I can continue doing what I love.  Here is some work that I created in January.  Thanks for checking in!  xxoo Kate.

foggy forest road Switzerland landscape photographerCome on in….close up of spiderweb Switzerland nature photographerI’ve been taking my macro lens with me and trying to get better at these difficult shotsdouble exposure silhouette and trees Switzerland family photographerI’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of creating these in-camera double exposures and I’m really loving how organic and emotive they arewoman walking on foggy forest road Switzerland family photographerMe in my happy placeportrait young girl curly blond hair Switzerland family photographerOne of my goals is to take more portraits of my kids this year.  You can see a before and after of the bottom image in this gallery . This will give you an idea of how involved editing can be! Plus it’s fun to play with the sliders 🙂morning sun shining through forest fog Switzerland landscape photographerI found a new-to-me forest that never fails to perform these amazing morning fog burns as the sun rises.  forest road freelensing Switzerland landscape photographer…and the freelensing continues!


double exposure girls trees Switzerland family photographerdouble exposure girl forest Switzerland family photographer









as does the crazy double exposure making!



Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

One thought on “Just Checking In – Switzerland Adventure Photographer”

  1. I love you in your happy place and being in the forest is always so inviting. Master class with Annie will be fun for you. So happy I will see more of you in 2018.

    Thank you for sharing and yes it is February at the farm and little buds,flowers,birds and many shades of green catch my attention. New chicks have arrived and they are precious little critters. Ducks out on the pond will get a visit from me today and we are entering a warm spell in the high 60,s so it is spring in southern Oregon!
    Daffodils are going to bloom soon….

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