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Project 365 week 18

Week 18 is in the bag and with wet and cold weather this week, I had to get pretty creative like I was in January and February because I didn’t get outside much this week. I have learned to just take my camera everywhere and pull over when the sky clears.  I notice that I’ve been taking a lot of shots of the sky, probably because I want to remember these blue and sunny skies when they happen, which is not very often lately!  I also challenged myself to shoot at 1.4 this week in order to work on nailing focus (a never-ending battle for me) and I worked with my 85mm lens a bit too.

I’ve been invited to join a freelensing blog collaborative that includes some fabulous photographers from all over the world.  Our first post will be published in a few weeks and will include only freelensed images of our children in nature.  I can’t think of anything more beautiful (and I hope my kids cooperate!).

Today I will also be notifying the three families who have won a free adventure session with me!  I am so excited to explore this genre of family photography and perhaps develop it further into a business.  Stay tuned for that!  xxoo Kate.

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Family Adventure in Provence

We took the long Easter weekend and set out on our longest roadtrip yet in Europe – 4.5 hours to Provence!  Specifically, we ventured to Arles, Nîmes, St-Rémy, and Sts-Maries de la Mer.

The last time my husband went to Arles was on a high school field trip, so he was a pretty good guide. We started our adventure at Le Pont du Gard, a magnificent Roman bridge and aqueduct over the Rhone River.  We actually needed more time there to explore the museum properly, but that’s a great excuse to go back!

We headed into the old town of Arles for dinner, took a look at the Arena and called it a night.  The weather was incredibly cold and windy and the town had just had a long Easter weekend celebration, so there was literally no one around!

The following morning, our adventure began in St-Rémy for the weekly market.  And, of course, my son Rémy thought this was the coolest thing ever!  The market was crowded with people and vendors and lots and lots of things to look at and I was completely uninspired to shoot any images.  I had no way of accessing a high enough vantage point to make any coherent pictures, so I left my camera in my bag and simply enjoyed the day.  We got some great African baskets and some yummy local treats and had a fabulous bistro lunch with amazing music.  I loved the energy of St-Rémy!

That afternoon we headed toward the Camargue – a beautiful area where the river meets the Mediterranean Sea.  The Camargue is really a network of waterways that create a marshy swampland.  But this extraordinary place is home to a collection of amazing wildlife, including flocks of flamingos and the famous white horses of the Camargue.  The weather continued cold and very, very windy, but we managed to get all the way to the beach and enjoyed the town of Sts Maries de la Mer in the late afternoon and evening, after all the tourists had gone.We spent the following day in Nîmes. For me, this small city was the perfect destination.  It reminds me of a little Paris with clean, wide boulevards, tiny narrow side streets and alleys, museums and public art and plenty of history and amazing monuments.  It also has a charming downtown with pedestrian-only streets that include large central squares with plenty of restaurants.  We enjoyed the Arena and the Jardin de la Fountaine with its Temple of Diana and Tour Magne. My dream is to return by train and stay in the city center where you can walk anywhere you please! 

Thank you for coming on another adventure with me!  I would love to go with your family on your next adventure and record it for you in photos!  Have you entered my adventure session giveaway yet?  There’s no time to lost – winners will be announced tomorrow, May 10th!

Let’s go on an adventure together!

switzerland adventure photographyAre you planning a fun family adventure soon and want to record it in photos?  Do you have a plan or just maybe a dream to take your tribe strawberry picking, on a boat trip on the lake, to Europa Park or maybe just to Geneva for the day? Are you tired of always *taking* the pictures and never *being IN* the pictures?  I have great news for you! In a few months, I plan to start offering a new type of photography session for families, but first I need to build my portfolio.  I’m currently looking for THREE adventurous families to plan fantastically fun family outings and take me with you!  Is your heart racing yet?  Then read on!

Who are you?  You are an English speaking family living in or soon visiting Switzerland, preferably (but not necessarily) the Lake Geneva area.  You are fun, laid back, affectionate with each other, like to laugh, and want to capture a day in the life of your family enjoying a fun adventure. You are comfortable having your photo taken, even in public.  Even in front of strangers.  Even in Switzerland. If you have kids, they are toddlers or older and can walk on their own. Ideally, the three families chosen will represent the diversity of people who live in and visit Switzerland.  I am open to and want to attract a variety of nationalities and family compositions.

Who am I?  I am an American photographer recently transplanted to Switzerland.  In the US, I had a small but growing family photography business.  I love nature and travel and recording my family’s life through images. I am fun and funky and friendly.

What you get. Free (no cost, no catch, no conditions) photography and professional photo editing services plus 20 free digital files to print and/or use online with the option to purchase more files. You get amazing, beautiful images of your family running, exploring, smiling, hugging, laughing and relaxing together.  You will not get posed portraits. You will probably get dirty. You get a phone or Skype consultation session with me to help you prepare for your session.

What I get.  Unlimited use of your images for my website, social media accounts, print materials and other business related purposes that may arise in the future.  We will sign forms together. You will also complete a short survey after our session so I can learn what worked for you and what didn’t.

What’s next.  Still interested?  If you have a partner is he/she on board?  OK!  The first thing to do is look through my portfolio and my blog posts here on my website and check out my Instagram to see what my shooting and editing style is.  Your images will look like that.

Still excited?  Ready to jump?  Then please send me an email at kate@katecphotography.com by MAY 10TH that contains the following:

  1. Your name and the names and ages of your family members going on your adventure
  2. Your idea for your adventure and when it is taking place (or could take place)
  3. Your assurance that everyone in your family is enthusiastic about this endeavor
  4. Your assurance that you are OK paying for me to join you on your adventure if costs are incurred such as train fares, entrance fees, amusement park ride tickets (!) or any other associated costs.
  5. A recent photo of everyone who will be there.
  6. Where you saw the announcement that led you here.

I cannot WAIT to get started!  Thank you for reading to the end (I would give you chocolate if I could).  I look forward to hearing from you!  xxoo Kate.

Les Gorges de la Jogne – The Gorges of the Jogne

Each Sunday we go on an adventure as a family – usually somewhere in nature.  In the winter you can find us sledding or skiing and in summer we typically spend Sundays swimming at the lake.  But in spring and fall we like to explore and Switzerland does not disappoint in the abundance of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature.  Last weekend we made a short 30 minute drive to the Gruyere region to the Gorge of the Jogne – a lovely walk that took us along the Jogne River, through stone tunnels, across suspension bridges, past waterfalls and up, up, up to a beautiful dam or barrage as it is called in French.  There is something special about the light in Gruyere, probably because the area opens up a bit and the mountains are softer and less dramatic.  We spent three hours hiking and exploring and returned to the river for a campfire and cookout into the evening.

Even after living here for almost two years, I am still in awe of my new home country.  I take hundreds and hundreds of photos each week because I am hungry to capture every moment of our life here and the opportunities we have to travel in Europe.  I hope  you enjoy these little travelogs and feel like you are having an adventure too.  xxoo Kate.

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Project 365 Week 14

I realized today that like anything arduous and (let’s be honest) at times really boring, a project that requires someone to do the same thing every day for a year is not only about doing that thing.  Whether you are making a sacred pilgrimage, parenting a child, eating healthier, or writing a novel, at some point you realize that the POINT of the exercise is not the exercise itself, and a deeper meaning begins to emerge.  I am starting to get some glimmers of what that is for me.  I believe, at the end of this project, I will have learned an awful lot about honesty and gratitude and perspective.  Oh, and I hope to improve my photography too. xxoo Kate.lausanne adventure photography