It seems every time I post about this project it’s to excuse myself for being late.  Oh, how I love to hate this project!  Seriously, I probably never should have taken it on, but I have loved producing so much work every week and I’m sure at the end I will have all kinds of insights into my process and improvements in my photo making skills.  I am looking forward to looking back (see what I did there?) and reflecting at the END!  I am now in the final quarter of the year, thank the stars above.  I hope you enjoy the images I have published so far this year.  There is much more to come!  If you subscribe to my (very unspammy) newsletter over there ———> I will soon send you a lovely end of year discount on prints and canvases.  Don’t forget, I am still offering a 50% discount on sessions booked before the end of the year for newsletter subscribers. Let’s get something on the books together!  xxoo Kate.

Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

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