Each week of this project brings me a new opportunity for growth.  This past week it was actually quite difficult to complete my daily shooting because I started to do more double exposure images.  For those of you who are curious, double exposure is actually a technique taken from film cameras in which an exposure of file was not advanced and another shot taken over the original image.  Some dslr cameras (like mine) let the user create multiple exposure images in-camera.  Other photographers use software like Photoshop to blend two or more images together.  I find the effect fascinating and hope to keep developing my ability to create interesting multiple exposures and refine the ideas I am already working with.  I also have some friends who think there is a market for these for parents.  Wouldn’t it be cool to take images of children and families and lay them over other images of city skylines, waterfalls, flowers, mountains or even interesting graphics?  Hmmmm…..see how this project is pushing me?  switzerland_adventure_photographer

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