Week 18 is in the bag and with wet and cold weather this week, I had to get pretty creative like I was in January and February because I didn’t get outside much this week. I have learned to just take my camera everywhere and pull over when the sky clears.  I notice that I’ve been taking a lot of shots of the sky, probably because I want to remember these blue and sunny skies when they happen, which is not very often lately!  I also challenged myself to shoot at 1.4 this week in order to work on nailing focus (a never-ending battle for me) and I worked with my 85mm lens a bit too.

I’ve been invited to join a freelensing blog collaborative that includes some fabulous photographers from all over the world.  Our first post will be published in a few weeks and will include only freelensed images of our children in nature.  I can’t think of anything more beautiful (and I hope my kids cooperate!).

Today I will also be notifying the three families who have won a free adventure session with me!  I am so excited to explore this genre of family photography and perhaps develop it further into a business.  Stay tuned for that!  xxoo Kate.

switzerland family photographer

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