The blues are getting bluer and the greens are getting greener and the temps are getting hotter and our skin is getting browner.  Summer is coming!  And while my kids still have three weeks of school before their summer break, we are enjoying longer days to play outside, swim in the lake and have tons of adventures.  Last weekend marked our 2nd anniversary of living in Switzerland.  It has been 24 months of extreme highs (I mean, just look at this place!) and lows (culture shock is no joke, people!), but we keep on keeping on in our true American spirit. I am so grateful for my photography gear, training and experience that allow me to capture this time in our lives in photos.  I hope that I am doing it justice.

Here we go….


This scene is repeated in every little and big town around Lake Geneva.  Boats waiting to be taken out and a gorgeous lake full of happy boaters nearly every day in warm weather.  Prangins, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerOur first time going to a pro soccer/football game here.  Even though I consider myself active, I am by no means an athlete, but there is something about watching team sports that I love.  FC Servette did NOT disappoint!  My Swiss hubs has learned to sit far away from me because I am a whistler and a cheerer (and an occasional booer)! Geneva, Switzerlandswitzerland_nature_photographerI busted out my old 50 mm lens to do some reverse freelensing, which essentially transforms this lens into a macro freelenser.  Doing this daily project is really satisfying my need to experiment IN CAMERA – I emphasize that to contrast it with experimenting IN COMPUTER. I like to push my gear to its limit and play with it outside the box. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_landscape_photographer

My in-laws are not in our life for several reasons, but we do have Aunt Nellie and we go visit her as much as we can.  She lives in the gorgeous wine-making region of Lavaux in my husband’s historical family hometown.  It is really fun to walk around town and see our last name on businesses and mailboxes.  Cully, Switzerlandswitzerland_landscape_photographer

Another little trip to Valais to get above it all.  One main difference living in Europe I have felt keenly is how densely people live here.  I admire that so much, but often feel the need to get out and feel some space around me.  The mountains do this for me and I am always in awe of the simple pleasure of just BEING there.  More freelensing.  Martigny, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerWords often escape me when describing my children and the emotions I feel when I reflect on the amazing people that they are.  This one loves life and lives it fully.  Her interior world is juicy and complicated and inspired and beautiful. There are many pieces of her that remind me of myself and so I try to mother her the way I wanted to be mothered at her age – with unconditional love, lots of gentle guidance and the opportunities and resources to pursue her passions.  I am even transcribing her handwritten novel (more about that in the future, I’m sure!). Martigny, Switzerland


Many thanks to this one for posing for my double exposures without fail. I guess when you take lots of pictures of the same thing or create variations on a theme, a set starts to emerge.  I think I will keep pursuing this and see what comes of it.  Maybe I will call it Nature Boy.  Etoy, Switzerland

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