It’s nearly 10:00pm here and the sun has just set.  These late spring (almost summer) days are looooong here in Europe!  I often wake up at 5:30 am and the sun is already shining. These long days remind me that waiting until late in the day – also known as the Golden Hour – to shoot pictures is just nearly impossible.  As I’ve written about before, photography has to be fun and easy for me and restricting myself to a mere hour during the busiest part of my day doesn’t sound fun OR easy!  As a result, I’ve become adept at shooting in all kinds of light and finding good photography conditions when the light isn’t ideal. And yes, there is a certain time of day that just doesn’t work for me.  It’s OK because that’s around 5:00 and I’d rather sit down and have a glass of wine instead. Here are the seven images I’ve chosen to highlight this week – xxoo Kate.

switzerland landscape photographerThis place is a lovely little hidden gem that was absolutely overrun with people on this day.  In this image I had to edit  out four people! Photo editing is something that I really love to do, though. La Sarraz, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerGardens are now in full bloom and the public containers are bursting with color.  I love these roses on the side of the vet’s office across the street from my house.  Freelensing makes this scene even more romantic.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland family photographerBecause summer means Annabelle’s pineapple/mango/coconut milk ice cream.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerOur tour of forest refuges in canton Vaud continues.  We named this one the Mosquito Forest.  Much pain and itching followed.  Apples, Switzerlandswitzerland travel photographerThe foundry at the Musee du Fer.  It was really cool to see a working foundry and the model trains. My husband is fascinated by water systems (who isn’t, right?), so he loved seeing the system of water wheels in the river that drive the forges.  Vallorbe, Switzerland

switzerland family photographerMy sweet eight year old.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland travel photographerThis beach has become a favorite that we return to often.  That is saying a lot about this place, considering we think of ourselves as recreational gypsies who constantly seek out new adventures.  Morges, Switzerland

Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure, travel and landscape photographer in canton Vaud, Switzerland. If you are interested in finding out more about a family adventure session, please email or use the contact form on this blog.

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