The photo a day adventure continues!  Most people who embark on a project of this kind report that shooting every day really helped them develop new photography skills.  Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case for me – at least so far.  However, I am amassing hundreds of new images for my portfolio, my kids’ photo albums and our family scrapbooks and wall art, which I love.  Maybe what I’m learning is to (ironically) not shoot so much because the editing load is crushing at times!  It’s a good thing I love to edit – more to come on that topic.  If you follow me on Facebook you can see these images a month at a time and if you follow me on Instagram you can see my weekly collages.  Hey, come and follow me on Instagram and Facebook!  xxoo Kate.switzerland landscape photographerFreelensing in a field of wildflowers.  Vallorbe, Switzerlandswitzerland travel photographerHigh above Rolle. Signal de Bougy adventure parkswitzerland family photographerAt eight and 11, my kids still love the playground. Vallorbe, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerSometimes, the light is just divine.  Yens, Switzerlandswitzerland family photographerCounting down the final days of the school year.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerMorning sunlight in the sprinkler.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland family photographerI resisted the water squirter for two years, and then he got one as a birthday gift.  Lots and lots of rules for playing with this thing, but so far, no complaints from anyone.  St-Prex, Switzerland

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