Today actually marks the end of week 31 (!), but my daughter was here in Switzerland this past week and, although I took over 1,300 pictures, I haven’t edited any of them.  Add to that an Adventure Session for a client and publishing this project has been pushed down slightly on my “to do” list.  Speaking of Adventure Sessions…I am really excited to be getting this aspect of my business going.  I am developing it slowly, but so far I am so pleased with the results and the wonderful families that I am meeting and who are allowing me the privilege of capturing their adventures (near and far) here in Switzerland.  I can’t wait to show you all the amazing images that we are creating together!  Stay tuned for that and for next week’s blog featuring cute goats, underwater photography and much more.  xxoo Kate.My son learned to play chess and couldn’t wait to teach all his friends at the lake.  St-Prex, SwitzerlandWe went to a church built into the side of a mountain (not kidding) and found this gratitude wall.  This is something very common in European churches.  I loved this one in particular, as my daughter was born in 1997. Freelensed. Grandvillard, SwitzerlandThe waterfall of the Taouna at the grotto to the Madonna.  Freelensed.  Grandvillard, SwitzerlandFinding and sharing wild raspberries.  Gruyere, SwitzerlandWe found an amazing place for our daycamp that included lots of stones, a forest, a stream and a little waterfall right off the road, but hidden from view.  My favorite kind of place.  Gruyere, SwitzerlandThere is a little town nearby that has a fantastic sports complex that includes soccer fields, basketball hoops, tennis courts, a skatepark and a baby foot / fussball table.  There is also always wind and often stormy skies overlooking the lake.  Etoy, SwitzerlandThe Gruyere region is so special to me.  The light is amazing and the trees and shadows are more blue than yellow, which I love.  We did a pretty challenging hike, but were rewarded with views like this and some yummy meringues.  Gruyere, Switzerland


Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

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  1. I am so grateful that you are a dedicated and very good photographer. I feel blessed to see thru your eyes often and happy to witness your travels, the kids and know your work. What a friend you are to me. It’s comforting to know I can come to your blog and find photos from each month and relish them. Missing you❣️

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