It’s nearly harvest time and my country is ripe.  It seems that all the sun and warmth of the summer has been captured and contained in every crop.  Not only do we have gorgeous mountains and lakes in Switzerland, in my neighborhood we also are spoiled by vineyards and orchards, fields and forests.  Everything is bursting with golden goodness. As much as I love summer, fall is close to my heart.  I look forward to more time spent cuddled up with my kids, slower and shorter days and the foggy atmosphere.  I admit after a while of this, though, I need some sun.  Last year I sat under a full spectrum light every day and it seemed to help, but what I really crave around November is a week at the beach!  Very often we cope by going up high above the fog and haze to enjoy the sunshine, but not daily.  For now, I will enjoy my time with nature and what it is offering me, which, like always, is so very much.

Switzerland nature photographer

One thought on “Project 365 Week 36 – Switzerland Nature and Travel Photographer”

  1. Oh I so relate to this lovely description of this time of year. The photos are scrumptious and the colors are vivid and ripe. Eating all the homegrown goodies from Nicks farm right now and looking forward to our own next year. The cycle of seasons are full of anticipation and you are truly blessed to be living in some heaven on earth. So glad you take photos and love to write. You keep me full of beauty and blessed❣️

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