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Project 365 Week 4

lausanne family photographerAs I complete my first month of this year’s Project 365, I begin to notice things.  When I look at my weekly collages, I notice that my images just seem to go together, yet each week seems to have its own identity that is different from the others.  I will have to keep watching this to see what evolves over the year.  I also notice something else that I would like to talk more about.

As photographers, we are often given two very specific, but very different pieces of advice:

1 – Find your niche and create a consistent look

2 – Be authentic!

To some photographers this might make sense and hats off to the lucky artist who can find a niche, create a consistent look all while staying true to herself and her artistic expression.  For most of us, I am guessing that although this might be the goal, it is difficult to achieve.  For myself, my authentic voice speaks through experimentation and variety.  In my work you will see portraits, landscapes, macro work, freelensing, motion blur, underwater images and double exposures.  I work in color and in black and white.  As a matter of fact, the only consistent thing I do is take a lot of pictures (oh, and I post at the same time every day on Instagram!). Yet.  yet, yet, yet….after a time I notice that no matter my subject, the voice is still mine.  Look at my work and you see my restless heart. You see an adventurer who doesn’t take life too seriously and has great respect for the natural world and our place in it.  You see a mother.  An observer. You see me.

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