I admit that the first couple of years living in Europe I enjoyed not celebrating Thanksgiving.  I’ve never been fond of Thanksgiving food and we usually found ourselves alone without extended family around. This year feels different, though.  It’s probably because I have become quite homesick for the US recently.  This is pretty complicated for me to explain, because I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that is causing these feelings.  It’s likely a combination of not liking living in Switzerland as much as I hoped, missing the few friends who have kept in touch with me and realizing that I will most likely not live again on the same continent as my oldest daughter, who is studying in the US.  We are also tentatively planning our first family trip back to the US in 2018 and I am beginning to allow myself to think about what I want to do when I’m there, which adds to the anticipation, excitement and nostalgia.  So to all of you celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so very grateful for so many things in my life – my family, my health, my camera, the natural beauty that surrounds me every day, and the gift of people who appreciate the art that I put out into the world and show their support. Thank you for going on this Project 365 journey with me this year. xxoo Kate.

Switzerland family photographer

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