Maybe I got caught up in my elation over winter finally ending.  Maybe the end of the school year and the switch to summer mode confused and confounded me.  I’m not sure what happened….but somewhere I lost a week.  I kind of knew it when Summer Solstice rolled around and I was on Week 25 instead of Week 26 – which is halfway to 52. Anyway, I’m not curious enough today to go back and discover what happened.  I will just chalk it up to being one of my life’s great mysteries.

How I Lost a Week of My Life in a 365 Photo Project by Kate Cuénoud 🙂

Here are my images for weeks 26 and 27 because I went on an amazing adventure in France last week and didn’t want to be online. Also, I lost all but 10 of the images I took on that amazing adventure.  This was the first time since switching from film to digital seven years ago that has happened.  Let’s hope it’s the last.switzerland adventure photographerNo other flower delights me quite like the poppy.  The bees love them too.  Freelensed. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerOne of my favorite spots for a daycamp.  There is also a tower.  Tour de Gourze, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerIn just two years, I have taken countless images one this dock.  “Our” dock. I’m not one for a lot of repeat shooting because I think it’s boring, but I loved the moody light here. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerMy daughter went to Europa Parc with her soccer/football team and so we took our little guy to Valais for the day.  I love the texture of this image and this ingenious wood storage system – no need to step out into the cold! Grimentz, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerHe really does thrive on solo parenting time.  Grimentz, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAs close as I usually get to a selfie.  I really do love playing with reflection.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAnd motion.  I love playing with motion, too.  She got a new skirt and could not stop twirling.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerI continue to explore the world of macro photography.  I am fascinated by the arrangements that nature makes.  This is a banana plant leaf.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerOur neighbor for four days last week.  A gorgeous horse with lovely tiny white spots on her coat.  Autrans, France.switzerland adventure photographerI did something called Dog Trekking that I have never done before and likely will never do again.  I had never even heard of it.  I think it’s a summer activity for sled dogs.  I am highly suspicious of people who use animals for commerce, but these lovely animals were very well cared for and so happy to be working, pulling people through the French forest.  What an amazing time!  Autrans, France.switzerland adventure photographerWe took the kids to a nearby adventure park for an ice cream and the view above Rolle, then I sneaked away for a moment to shoot this lovely gazebo. Freelensed.  Signal de Bougy – Aubonne, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerAnother adventure to Vallorbe means I got to capture how the river runs through the town and powers these waterwheels that demonstrate the power of the forge in this museum. Vallorbe, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerSome kids go through a dinosaur phase, some a Barbie phase, my kids go through a baking phase.  Although this one had her first cupcake catering job (pictured here) and she is really motivated to continue baking!  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAlthough to have or not have a pet is an on-going and losing battle for my kids, there are many opportunities to give and receive love from a variety of cats in our small town.  St-Prex, Switzerland.

Thank you for stopping by for this double dose of my project.  I am still really excited about what this year has brought and will bring me as I develop my business and my brand. Look for some special announcements soon! xxoo Kate.


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  1. Cupcakes and cat! Swirling skirts and pretty young girl soon to be a woman…photos on the steps and color is so summer,sunflowers touch my heart and so many memories..reflection of selfie..kisses

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