Ah, winter! I bet you think since I live in Switzerland, I am surrounded by snow and more snow from November to March.  I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not!  I actually live by an enormous body of water at low elevation that keeps our climate temperate. As a matter of fact, people landscape with palm trees here!  BUT, when we are in need of winter fun, it is a short 20 minute drive to the alps or the Jura Mountains where sledding, snow shoeing and skiing await us.

Shooting in the snow is another story.  Active, wet snow and cold temperatures make freelensing difficult since the lens is detached from the body of the camera.  I typically wear a big scarf when I shoot in winter and keep my camera covered when I’m not using it.  However, this can create big temperature differences between warm and cold that can cause condensation and also damage my equipment.  All this to say, this month I’m presenting fewer images, but I hope you enjoy them just the same.  There is ONE other reason I didn’t shoot as much this day – I wanted to spend most of my time sledding, snowshoeing and having snowball fights with my family.  You understand, right?

This is the January edition of Into Something Better – the international blog circle that celebrates families in nature.  The group was created to provide an escape from technology for our children and an opportunity for mothers who are photographers to use the technique of freelensing during these adventures. On any given Sunday, you will find my husband and myself with our two little kids somewhere in nature.  Most often, we are in the forest.


Sleeping In The Forest
by Mary Oliver
I thought the earth remembered me,
She took me back so tenderly
Arranging her skirts
Her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before
A stone on the riverbed,
Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars,
But my thoughts.
And they floated light as moths
Among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
Breathing around me.
The insects and the birds
Who do their work in darkness.
All night I rose and fell,
As if water, grappling with luminous doom.
By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times
Into something better.

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Now, please follow the circle by visiting the amazing Heather Robinson.  You can also see my featured image today on Instagram!

Until next time….xxoo Kate.


Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

One thought on “Into Something Better – Col de Marchairuz, Switzerland – January 2018”

  1. Oh Kate. Each single one of these is a dreamy piece of art. You take winter wonderland to the next level! I’m so impressed you’re freelensing in these conditions, and so happy to read that you took lots of time to just have fun with your family too withe the camera packed away. Beautiful in every way.

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