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Project 365 week 37

The current word I would use to describe this project is….relentless.  Add to that, unforgiving and demanding and that pretty much sums up my perspective lately.  Like anything else that requires persistence and commitment, I *kinda* knew there would be challenging times this year when I committed to taking a photo every day, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  How could I?  But, isn’t that how most rewarding project are?  If we knew the downside, we would never sign up for it!  Or maybe we would, because in the end, the good outweighs the bad.  Anyway, I am packing and moving house next week, but I am still following through on my commitment to this project.  I am nothing if not committed. Until next time~xxoo Kate.

Switzerland family photographer


Rocher de Naye Family Adventure PART I – Switzerland Family Adventure Photographer

Sometimes finding your ideal client as a photographer feels a lot like I imagine online dating does. When I posted in my favorite Facebook group looking for three families to go on Adventure Sessions with me, I got tons of responses, and I just *knew* this family would be one of the three.

I described myself as friendly, funky and fun.  She described her family as laid back and adventurous.  She sent a picture of her darling children – each born in a different country.  I cautioned that they would get dirty and be allowed to act like kids.  She was game for that.  I asked her to look at my blog and Instagram accounts to preview what her final images would look like.  She actually looked and told me she loved my work. And when the time came for our pre-session consultation, we talked on the phone like old friends.  She asked lots of great questions and listened to my advice.  I could tell this family would be adventurous, curious and open. And they turned out to be just that.

On a gorgeous summer day, I accompanied this amazing group from Montreux by train to the Rocher de Naye mountain peak.  In addition to enjoying the thrill of riding the train up the mountain, they also took turns taking photos which provided a wonderful activity to keep three active kids occupied for an hour. Once up at the peak, they hiked, discovered the Buddhist stupa and the alpine garden, walked to the lookouts, fed the birds, fed themselves on the restaurant terrace and walked through the tunnel to the other side.  There were fidget spinners and maps and crazy hair and daubing and lots of laughs and teasing and loving.

My hope was that their love for each other and for Switzerland came through in these photos.  Based on their reaction, I think it did.

“Hi Kate! Great photos – so exciting! I love them! Not posed, just the real us. An adventure…

They are nicer every time I look at them. We have gone through all of them over and over again.

They are all lovely and very special. Thanks so much!”


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Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

Familyearthtrek - What a fun day! The pictures are amazing! Like the family said, they are natural and not posed!

Meisha - I love this idea! Definitely something this family will never forget!

woollykindknits - These are so special! Found myself nearly in tears (and I don’t even know these folks!. Bravo!! And congratulations! Your work is a triumph, Kate! xoxo

Joan - The essence of love is captured often for this family and what great memories they will share. I love this idea. Working with families on an adventure is a win win situation…you are an inspiration Kate!

Project 365 Week 36 – Switzerland Nature and Travel Photographer

It’s nearly harvest time and my country is ripe.  It seems that all the sun and warmth of the summer has been captured and contained in every crop.  Not only do we have gorgeous mountains and lakes in Switzerland, in my neighborhood we also are spoiled by vineyards and orchards, fields and forests.  Everything is bursting with golden goodness. As much as I love summer, fall is close to my heart.  I look forward to more time spent cuddled up with my kids, slower and shorter days and the foggy atmosphere.  I admit after a while of this, though, I need some sun.  Last year I sat under a full spectrum light every day and it seemed to help, but what I really crave around November is a week at the beach!  Very often we cope by going up high above the fog and haze to enjoy the sunshine, but not daily.  For now, I will enjoy my time with nature and what it is offering me, which, like always, is so very much.

Switzerland nature photographer

Joan - Oh I so relate to this lovely description of this time of year. The photos are scrumptious and the colors are vivid and ripe. Eating all the homegrown goodies from Nicks farm right now and looking forward to our own next year. The cycle of seasons are full of anticipation and you are truly blessed to be living in some heaven on earth. So glad you take photos and love to write. You keep me full of beauty and blessed❣️

Project 365 Weeks 34 and 35 – Switzerland Family Adventure Photographer

I knew it would happen and it did.  I have officially become tired of this project.  It’s ok, though.  I am not afraid of this inevitable stage.  It was bound to happen as does frequently with anything requiring a long-term commitment on my part.  It’s simply an opportunity to re-invest and re-invigorate myself.  As I often tell my children, boredom is the key to creativity. This is part of the adventure of photography.  An adventure that keeps me learning, exploring, and growing both professionally and personally.  Both as an artist and a technician.  Although my growth curve is long and methodical, it is there and I see it.  I see the development of a style that is now becoming recognizable to others. I see consistency in my images and a high level of technical achievement.  I see experimentation and fun.  I see emotion and connection.  I see my story.  Do you?

Week 34

Switzerland family photographerOur first and only trip to the pool this summer.  My little guy learned lots of tricks on the new diving platform at the lake this summer and was keen on trying them on a proper diving board.  I am in awe of the power of his little body.  Aubonne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerStuff happens.  Especially in my home.  A LOT of stuff happens!  St-Prex, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerOh, gosh.  Be still my heart!  This might be one of the most special images I have taken of my family so far this year.  One of my goals with this project is to finish the year with 12 really great images.  Could this one be a contender?  I love the sun flare and his connection to the camera.  These shot are NOT easy to take and I was laying on the ground under the swingset hoping he didn’t kick me! Prangins, SwitzerlandSwitzerland travel photographerEnd of the day sun and smoke.  A magical combination.  St-George, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerThree out of four of us like to shop.  Guess which one doesn’t.  Lausanne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland nature photographerFreelensing in the forest.  Yes, we find shells in the forest – lots of them!  St-George, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerNew school, new teacher, new classroom, new classmates. This is what the REAL first day of school looks like for many kids, I suspect.        St-Prex, Switzerland


Week 35Switzerland family photographerI turn off a lot of lights in my house.  St-Prex, Switzerland.  From the “Ghost Mom” series.Switzerland family photographerI continue to focus on shadow and reflection as a way of capturing interesting images in full sun. Prangins, SwitzerlandSwitzerland nature photographerSpiders are a staple of town life.  St-Prex, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerWe took the train to Lausanne to visit a proper bookstore and she bought her first book in two years after reading on her Kindle since we moved to Switzerland.  She was so happy!  Lausanne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland travel photographerA creative twist on a shot I’ve taken dozens of times – the lake boat arriving at the port.  For this shot, I set my prism under my lens and turned it until I got this lovely rainbow effect.  Prisms are really affordable and super-fun to play with.  You can achieve similar effects with other simple objects like the surface of your cell phone or discarded chandelier crystals.  St-Prex, Switzerland.Switzerland family photographerHe got to pick out a new French book to read with Papa, although what he really wanted was a new Lego book. Lausanne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland family photographerLong exposures create a mysterious effect that I love. St-Prex, Switzerland

Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.


woollykindknits - So thrilled that A got a real book in hand again…nothing like it! Love that R is holding the hand of the mannequin as if a port key! And of course, every shot – a treasure! xoxo

Project 365 Weeks 30-33 Switzerland Adventure Photographer

I guess if Paris can shut down in August, I can too, right? 🙂 Truth be told, I have so many happy reasons for falling behind on posting collages from my Project 365.  Primarily, I have just been shooting tons.  For this project, for some client families (more from these Family Adventure Sessions soon!) and for my own family who have also been out adventuring and squeezing every single moment from every single day that my oldest daughter was here with us in Switzerland.  We have also been just really enjoying the final days of summer vacation and also enjoying recording the first days of school and sports activities in pictures.  I take my job as family historian very seriously – and my cupboards crammed with photo albums and scrapbooks are proof of that!

So, here is Month Eight of my 2017 Project 365.  There seems to be enough excitement in here for an entire year.  We believe in utilizing all of the adventures available to us – and there are so many here in Switzerland and close by in Europe!  Our days at the lake continue, although our days are shorter.  We are between seasons and the children are feeling this so intensely trying to balance with responsibilities of studies and activities with the strong desire to be wild and free outside. There is sometimes a haze over the lake – portending the autumn fog and winter blah to come – but the sun and the heat are still strong.

Many thanks to everyone who peeks at these collages and encourages me to keep going.  I never lack for material or photographic opportunities and I am profoundly grateful for my gear, my gift and my place in the world.  xxoo Kate.switzerland family photographer

Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.