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Project 365 Week 30 – Switzerland adventure photographer

Today actually marks the end of week 31 (!), but my daughter was here in Switzerland this past week and, although I took over 1,300 pictures, I haven’t edited any of them.  Add to that an Adventure Session for a client and publishing this project has been pushed down slightly on my “to do” list.  Speaking of Adventure Sessions…I am really excited to be getting this aspect of my business going.  I am developing it slowly, but so far I am so pleased with the results and the wonderful families that I am meeting and who are allowing me the privilege of capturing their adventures (near and far) here in Switzerland.  I can’t wait to show you all the amazing images that we are creating together!  Stay tuned for that and for next week’s blog featuring cute goats, underwater photography and much more.  xxoo Kate.My son learned to play chess and couldn’t wait to teach all his friends at the lake.  St-Prex, SwitzerlandWe went to a church built into the side of a mountain (not kidding) and found this gratitude wall.  This is something very common in European churches.  I loved this one in particular, as my daughter was born in 1997. Freelensed. Grandvillard, SwitzerlandThe waterfall of the Taouna at the grotto to the Madonna.  Freelensed.  Grandvillard, SwitzerlandFinding and sharing wild raspberries.  Gruyere, SwitzerlandWe found an amazing place for our daycamp that included lots of stones, a forest, a stream and a little waterfall right off the road, but hidden from view.  My favorite kind of place.  Gruyere, SwitzerlandThere is a little town nearby that has a fantastic sports complex that includes soccer fields, basketball hoops, tennis courts, a skatepark and a baby foot / fussball table.  There is also always wind and often stormy skies overlooking the lake.  Etoy, SwitzerlandThe Gruyere region is so special to me.  The light is amazing and the trees and shadows are more blue than yellow, which I love.  We did a pretty challenging hike, but were rewarded with views like this and some yummy meringues.  Gruyere, Switzerland


Kate Cuénoud is a family adventure and travel photographer and photo editor based in the Lake Geneva / Lac Leman region of Switzerland.

woollykindknits - Amazing as ever. Love to L and the rest of the gang! Can’t wait for more (and a catch up soon, I hope)!

Joan - I am so grateful that you are a dedicated and very good photographer. I feel blessed to see thru your eyes often and happy to witness your travels, the kids and know your work. What a friend you are to me. It’s comforting to know I can come to your blog and find photos from each month and relish them. Missing you❣️

Into Something Better – Tolochenaz, Switzerland – July, 2017

Month three of the international blog circle celebrating mothers and children in nature is upon us.  The group was created to provide an escape from technology for our children and an opportunity for mothers who are photographers to use the technique of freelensing during these adventures. In addition to freelensing this month, I added a prism to some of my shots just to add another level of distortion.  I like the results – mysterious and maybe a little creepy.

Once again, we find ourselves in the woods close to home for a Sunday Daycamp (as we call it). This month’s images were taken at the Tolochenaz refuge close to home in Canton Vaud, Switzerland. Our typical routine includes walks and playtime, boredom that leads to inspiration and creativity, food cooked over the fire, relaxation and wine for the adults and s’mores as a finale.

On any given Sunday, you will find my husband and myself with our two little kids somewhere in nature.  Most often, we are in the forest.

Sleeping In The Forest
by Mary Oliver
I thought the earth remembered me,
She took me back so tenderly
Arranging her skirts
Her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before
A stone on the riverbed,
Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars,
But my thoughts.
And they floated light as moths
Among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
Breathing around me.
The insects and the birds
Who do their work in darkness.
All night I rose and fell,
As if water, grappling with luminous doom.
By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times
Into something better.

Switzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_family_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerSwitzerland_nature_photographerKeep traveling around the world by visiting Kim Turner-Smith in the Florida swamps.


Anna - So pretty! It looks so similar to where I live <3 Moss, moss and more moss!

Barb - Kate, I have to tell you I adore this project so much! Everyone’s photos and words are beautiful and inspiring. Absolutely love it.

Kate - Thank you so much Barb. I love the thought of you reading our posts from your gorgeous Hawaiian home. xxoo

Kate - Thank you Anna. I love all that texture. xxoo

Joan - The water drops on the back of a leaf contain me today. Watching Remi grow up each month and wishing photographers would get a selfie for those of us who miss you so much. Seeing smoke,fire,circles of those I love and miss..thanks girlfriend

Kate - This comment is everything to me. Miss and love you soooo much!

Joni - Oh Kate. These are breathtaking. Taking things to the extraordinary. The one of the boy in the tree took my breath away.

Kate - This means so much to me, Joni! Thank you!

Project 365 Weeks 28 and 29

sum, sum, SUMMER! Our short, but oh-so-very-sweet seven week summer break is here and we are squeezing the life out of it!  We are spending most afternoons at the lake, making new friends (even Mama) and taking lots of pictures.  Weekends find us out and about as usual, soaking up the sights and adventures so abundant here in Switzerland. I realize this project is challenging, but truly if I cannot take at least one photo every day in summer, something is seriously wrong with me!  I am pretty excited for what’s coming this fall, too.  A move, a new school for my little guy and two new business ventures (at least) for me.  Stay tuned for more info on that coming very, very soon! xxoo Kate.

switzerland_family_photographerJust a simple after-dinner walk through town.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_nature_photographerInspired by the work ethic of bees. Freelensed.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerThe giant pretzel floatie has sadly met an untimely death. Remind me to tell you about my dream Ghost Mom photo series.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_nature_photographerOne from July’s edition of our international mothers’ freelensing project, Into Something Better.  Official post coming later this week.  Tolochenaz, Switzerlandswitzerland_nature_photographerTournesol/Sunflower. Field after field after field of these beauties here in Vaud.  Etoy, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerI used this photo to teach my son a lesson on indirect storytelling through photography.  We can tell he’s at the lake without seeing any water. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerMore double-exposure goodness.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerMy son picked out this 30CHF skateboard last week and he only had 11CHF to spend.  I refused to give him a loan (he asked), but told him if he really believed that it would be his, it would.  Less than a week later, he has enough money plus six extra CHF by working for some neighbors and has also beaten a bad habit of biting his fingernails to earn this thing.  If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.  Aubonne, Switzerlandswitzerland_nature_photographerMore swirly freelensing goodness.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerA typical Sunday walk for us.  This is very close to where two mummified bodies were found last week and also close to where I was airlifted off the mountain last year. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.  Col du Pillion, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerCelebrating summer.  Above Aigle, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerThere is nothing quite like bubbles to bring the kids around.  Suddenly, my son is the most popular child at the lake!  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerOur new normal.  Such a privilege to live here.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland_family_photographerLove her sun-kissed curls.  St-Prex, Switzerland

Joan - Summer color sun fun and wish I was there to hold the door for Annabelle! Belly button Remy, he has grown up so much…great color!

Lisa Madel - Beautiful summer photos, but my favorite thing this week is the skateboard story. Work ethic is something many parents are not teaching. #kateisgreat

Kate - It’s my favorite too. As great as that story is, here is something better: when we got to the store he found an even BETTER skateboard at a LOWER price!

Kate - Thank you so much!

Project 365 weeks 26 and 27 (plus an embarrassing admission)

Maybe I got caught up in my elation over winter finally ending.  Maybe the end of the school year and the switch to summer mode confused and confounded me.  I’m not sure what happened….but somewhere I lost a week.  I kind of knew it when Summer Solstice rolled around and I was on Week 25 instead of Week 26 – which is halfway to 52. Anyway, I’m not curious enough today to go back and discover what happened.  I will just chalk it up to being one of my life’s great mysteries.

How I Lost a Week of My Life in a 365 Photo Project by Kate Cuénoud 🙂

Here are my images for weeks 26 and 27 because I went on an amazing adventure in France last week and didn’t want to be online. Also, I lost all but 10 of the images I took on that amazing adventure.  This was the first time since switching from film to digital seven years ago that has happened.  Let’s hope it’s the last.switzerland adventure photographerNo other flower delights me quite like the poppy.  The bees love them too.  Freelensed. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerOne of my favorite spots for a daycamp.  There is also a tower.  Tour de Gourze, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerIn just two years, I have taken countless images one this dock.  “Our” dock. I’m not one for a lot of repeat shooting because I think it’s boring, but I loved the moody light here. St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland adventure photographerMy daughter went to Europa Parc with her soccer/football team and so we took our little guy to Valais for the day.  I love the texture of this image and this ingenious wood storage system – no need to step out into the cold! Grimentz, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerHe really does thrive on solo parenting time.  Grimentz, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAs close as I usually get to a selfie.  I really do love playing with reflection.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAnd motion.  I love playing with motion, too.  She got a new skirt and could not stop twirling.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerI continue to explore the world of macro photography.  I am fascinated by the arrangements that nature makes.  This is a banana plant leaf.  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerOur neighbor for four days last week.  A gorgeous horse with lovely tiny white spots on her coat.  Autrans, France.switzerland adventure photographerI did something called Dog Trekking that I have never done before and likely will never do again.  I had never even heard of it.  I think it’s a summer activity for sled dogs.  I am highly suspicious of people who use animals for commerce, but these lovely animals were very well cared for and so happy to be working, pulling people through the French forest.  What an amazing time!  Autrans, France.switzerland adventure photographerWe took the kids to a nearby adventure park for an ice cream and the view above Rolle, then I sneaked away for a moment to shoot this lovely gazebo. Freelensed.  Signal de Bougy – Aubonne, Switzerland.switzerland adventure photographerAnother adventure to Vallorbe means I got to capture how the river runs through the town and powers these waterwheels that demonstrate the power of the forge in this museum. Vallorbe, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerSome kids go through a dinosaur phase, some a Barbie phase, my kids go through a baking phase.  Although this one had her first cupcake catering job (pictured here) and she is really motivated to continue baking!  St-Prex, Switzerland.switzerland family photographerAlthough to have or not have a pet is an on-going and losing battle for my kids, there are many opportunities to give and receive love from a variety of cats in our small town.  St-Prex, Switzerland.

Thank you for stopping by for this double dose of my project.  I am still really excited about what this year has brought and will bring me as I develop my business and my brand. Look for some special announcements soon! xxoo Kate.


woollykindknits - Poppies are my favorites, too!! I want to live in a mill!!

Joan - Cupcakes and cat! Swirling skirts and pretty young girl soon to be a woman…photos on the steps and color is so summer,sunflowers touch my heart and so many memories..reflection of selfie..kisses

Kate - Thanks so much for all the love, Joan!

Project 365 Week 24

The photo a day adventure continues!  Most people who embark on a project of this kind report that shooting every day really helped them develop new photography skills.  Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case for me – at least so far.  However, I am amassing hundreds of new images for my portfolio, my kids’ photo albums and our family scrapbooks and wall art, which I love.  Maybe what I’m learning is to (ironically) not shoot so much because the editing load is crushing at times!  It’s a good thing I love to edit – more to come on that topic.  If you follow me on Facebook you can see these images a month at a time and if you follow me on Instagram you can see my weekly collages.  Hey, come and follow me on Instagram and Facebook!  xxoo Kate.switzerland landscape photographerFreelensing in a field of wildflowers.  Vallorbe, Switzerlandswitzerland travel photographerHigh above Rolle. Signal de Bougy adventure parkswitzerland family photographerAt eight and 11, my kids still love the playground. Vallorbe, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerSometimes, the light is just divine.  Yens, Switzerlandswitzerland family photographerCounting down the final days of the school year.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland landscape photographerMorning sunlight in the sprinkler.  St-Prex, Switzerlandswitzerland family photographerI resisted the water squirter for two years, and then he got one as a birthday gift.  Lots and lots of rules for playing with this thing, but so far, no complaints from anyone.  St-Prex, Switzerland